HeadsUp! Advisors

Steve Hayden
CCO Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

Dale Herigstad
CCO Possible Worldwide

Bruce Mau
Bruce Mau Design, Massive Change

Alex  McDowell
5D | Immersive Design

Jay Famiglietti
UC Center Hydrologic Modeling

Sylvia Lee
Skoll Foundation for  Global Threats

Anthony Leiserowitz, Ph.D.
Director, Yale Project on Climate
Change Communication, Yale University

Dr. Michael Oppenheimer
Professor of Geosciences
and International Affairs, Princeton University

Mark Hansen
Professor of Statistics, UCLA

Martin Wattenberg
Google Big Picture
Data Visualization Research Group

Dr. Carlo Buontempo
Senior Climate Scientist, MET Office UK

Sources for Data for the HeadsUP! Challenge

Prof. Jay  S. Famiglietti, Founding Director, UC Center for Hydrologic Modeling: Global Water Mass: GRACE Satellite Monthly Data 2002-11   Using an innovative twin-satellite technique to measure the Earth’s gravity field, the GRACE project detects changes in water mass without interruption by borders, boundaries, or adverse conditions on the ground. This data set contains GRACE’s monthly grids for the span of the mission to date (2002 – 2011).

Leonard F. Konikow USGS: Global Groundwater Depletion Rates 1900-2008   Combining 8 different methods of estimation, this data set presents the average rate of groundwater depletion for 50+ major water systems around the world. Estimated depletion rates are given in cubic kilometers / year, by decade from 1900 – 2008. The water systems included are aquifers, regions, and regional summaries (including global totals).

Behind the Data: Tracking Groundwater, A conversation with scientists Jay Famiglietti and Leonard Konikow

For more information on the GRACE Satellite Mission:

Video describing the GRACE mission on AMNH site

Groundwater Depletion is Detected From Space, NY Times

Groundwater dropping globally, Satellites find supply falling mostly due to agriculture, Science News

GRACE: Tracking Water from Space (video)

For more information on Groundwater:

USGS Groundwater Information Pages

USGS Fact Sheet 103-03 Groundwater Depletion Across the Nation (PDF)

USGS Circular 1186 Sustainability of Ground-Water Resources

International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre