HeadsUp! Advisors

Steve Hayden
CCO Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide

Dale Herigstad
CCO Possible Worldwide

Bruce Mau
Bruce Mau Design, Massive Change

Alex  McDowell
5D | Immersive Design

Jay Famiglietti
UC Center Hydrologic Modeling

Sylvia Lee
Skoll Foundation for  Global Threats

Anthony Leiserowitz, Ph.D.
Director, Yale Project on Climate
Change Communication, Yale University

Dr. Michael Oppenheimer
Professor of Geosciences
and International Affairs, Princeton University

Mark Hansen
Professor of Statistics, UCLA

Martin Wattenberg
Google Big Picture
Data Visualization Research Group

Dr. Carlo Buontempo
Senior Climate Scientist, MET Office UK

HeadsUp! 2011-2012

Help us visualize and understand groundwater.


HeadsUP! and Visualizing.org challenge you to help us understand and visualize ground water levels.

Flowing in vast aquifers beneath the surface of the earth, groundwater is a critical component in the ecosystem’s water cycle as well as a major source of fresh water for drinking, agriculture and industry. Groundwater is a renewable resource but this natural resource is threatened by over-use. Payal Sampat, of the World Watch Institute notes, “On nearly every continent, groundwater in aquifers is being drained faster than the natural rate of recharge.” While there is ample data monitoring groundwater levels, from local sensors to satellite data, it is formatted for expert hydrologists rather than concerned citizenry.  Underground, out of sight and encoded, the public lacks a clear and credible indicator of changing groundwater levels.

See your work across 19,000 square feet of digital signboard in the heart of Manhattan.

The winning visualization will be displayed on World Water Day, March 22, 2012 on Times Square2, digital signboards.  Design for the interactive capability of the signs using Pomegranite, TS2‘s new API for creating digital apps linked directly to the signs. 1.5 million people a day passing through Times Square, looking up. What will you post there?  Details at Visualizing.org/contests/groundwater

For more information on the GRACE Satellite Data and Groundwater:

Video describing the GRACE mission on AMNH site

Groundwater Depletion is Detected From Space, NY Times

Behind the Data: Tracking Groundwater, A conversation with scientists James Famiglietti and Leonard Konikow

USGS Groundwater Information Pages

USGS Fact Sheet 103-03 Groundwater Depletion Across the Nation (PDF)

USGS Circular 1186 Sustainability of Ground-Water Resources

International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre